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Who We Are

Founded and located in the United Kingdom, ayo-ayo is a pioneering brand drawing inspiration from the ancestral formulas of Congo, all while maintaining the British brewing finesse. We specialise in the production and distribution of exquisitely crafted fruit-flavoured and herb-infused wines. Our offerings are developed with meticulous attention to quality and ethical considerations, devoid of any artificial colours or harmful chemicals, making them suitable for all, including our vegan customers. 

What We Offer

At ayo-ayo, we present more than just our range of fine wines. We pride ourselves on an innovative service platform: "Brew-on-demand". This unique feature serves as a web-to-brew drop shipping fulfilment service, allowing customers to curate custom brewed drinks and market under their own brands.

 In this revolutionary model, we are not just your supplier, but your partner. We undertake all aspects of brewing, packaging and shipping, thereby providing a seamless and efficient experience for you.

Why Us?

 What distinguishes us from the rest is the level of customisation we offer. Vendors selected to work with us gain the opportunity to customise not only the branding on the bottles and packaging but also the actual ingredients and recipes. We brew to your precise taste and preferences.

 For our individual customers, we offer personalisation options for our wine bottles. This means you can brand the bottle with your personal messages, notes, or images on the label, making it truly your own.

Our Process

 Our approach to brewing is intimate and attentive. We choose to operate on a small scale rather than industrial production, ensuring control over every single ingredient that goes into every bottle that leaves our brewery. This allows us to promise, and deliver, unmatched quality and consistency to our customers.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe in doing business responsibly. At ayo-ayo, we are dedicated to sustainability, shown by our upcycling initiative. We fervently embrace the principle of reusing all our bottles and packaging materials, significantly contributing to the reduction of waste and the minimisation of our carbon footprint. This steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability bears testimony to our resolve for maintaining ethical business practices, demonstrating not just our responsibility, but also our profound respect for our planet. 

Our Core Values and Beliefs

At the heart of ayo-ayo, we hold steadfast to our core values: care, transparency, ethical conduct, integrity and sustainability. These principles guide our every action and decision. 

Moreover, we advocate for personal choice. We firmly believe in your right to decide what goes into your wine bottle. This level of choice reflects our understanding of personal preferences and our dedication to providing a truly personalised service. 

At ayo-ayo, you are not just a customer; you are part of our brewing journey. We welcome you to share in this unique experience, personalising, and enjoying wines made to your exact liking. We invite you to create, enjoy, and become part of our family.

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